"Two words TRI TIP!!!! The honey BBQ sauce is really what made it! This is officially the lunch stop for me and the bf on the way to so-cal!!! Excellent food excellent prices. The waitress Lorrie is personable and welcoming. The bf loved the bacon thick crispy still a touch of chew but not greasy. I can't wait to try the pies next time! Just good food well prepared with attention to detail."

Sarah K.

"I may be a gourmet cook but How I do LOVE an old school diner. Wild horse cafe is clean, friendly and offers good old fashioned roadside fare. Hash towns fried up, good eggs, and hot coffee. Friendly waitresses serve a diverse clientele of crusty truckers, road traveling families and locals. This will be a regular route on 101."

Abigail Z.

"Perfectly reasonable truck stop diner outside King City. They do the usual diner fare: burgers, eggs, pies and coffee. Friendly service, casual atmosphere, clean and classic space. Being a truck stop, they also have a mini-mart, gas station and well-priced rooms. Everything looks cleaner and better maintained than one would expect."

Mister D.

"A nice truck stop diner. This is a good breakfast spot. The best thing about it is that they have the local hot sauce; Pepper Plant, in all four varieties. I love this hot sauce and was excited that they have it for sale too. The food is good classic American food. The hot sauce bumps the rating up one more star."

Kelly B.

"Wow, i can't believe that there are whiners about this place. Most real people love this kinda place. We are so happy to have found it on our way back to Seattle. Honest good country food fixed fresh and fast! Don't Forget the FRESH Pie."

Steven - Lorilei S.


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